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Crypto tokens are risky, but your investment doesn't have to be. NEO Securities Capital helps clients profit from smart crypto investments while minimizing risks.
Our mission is to bring the transparency, consistency and customer service you expect from your bank to the crypto space.

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International fast settlements in USD, EUR, CHF. Ability to trade Bitcoin, Ether and most of other top 20 digital assets. Ability to execute execute orders for illiquid positions. Market making operations for selected second and third tier crypto assets. We with all major crypto exchanges and OTC vendors. This allow us to distribute large trade volumes legally and with full transparency. We work only with AML/KYC compliant qualified investors. Our service is only for high volume orders only.

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Crypto Custody

We help institutional clients safeguard, organize and manage their digital asset holdings. We store crypto inside a decommissioned Swiss military bunker, dug into a granite mountain, it`s precise location is a closely guarded secret, and access is limited by myriad security precautions. These means that your crypto will be safe even in case of nuclear war or electromagnetic attack.

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NEO Securities pioneered the concept of crypto securitization, where bankruptcy remote special purpose vehicles are established to hold digital assets. This allows institutional clients to book crypto on their balance sheet, conduct traditional audits by big four and settle and clear trading via traditional infrastructure.

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Fund of Funds

Our fund of funds allows qualified investors get access to the top crypto asset managers, that have access to the best deal flow. At the same time it allows for geographical, segment and strategy diversification.

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Investment Banking

Our investment banking and advisory services covers wide range of investment banking products that include: capital introductions, deal flow origination, project due diligence, ICO advisory and tokenomics, legal and regulatory due diligence.

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High Liquidity

Fast access to high liquidity orderbook
for top currency pairs

Capital migration from traditional markets
The industry’s adoption potential
An influx of institutional capital
Comparative growth analysis
Cryptocurrency’s Unique Benefits
Comparative analysis of market dynamics
A rapidly growing userbase
NSS is developing a Direct-To-Consumer data-driven platform for the consumer sector. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.
Q2 2018
NSS concept created
Q3 2018
NSS supported by world-known manufacturers - Unilever, Mars, FrieslandCampina, Valio, Reckitt Benckiser
Q4 2018
Free Tokens Distribution through Signup
Q1 2019
Development of APIs, SDK, apps and interfaces
Q2 2019
Whitepaper & NSS wallet Updated
Q2 2019
Development of NSS Platform and Partnerships
Q3 2019
ICO sale start
NSS Coin Listing & Geographical expansion and growing the ecosystem

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